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  • Restaurant in Siena centre

    Typical sienese cuisine

    The Osteria Il Grattacielo is a typical restaurant in Siena centre, although the restaurant-term apparently poorly befits its historic image, because in all the effects it is a cheap, rustic and very convivial tavern.

    Here, where the sharing and the socialization are a must, a good cuisine is served through an extremely variable and seasonal menu that changes every day.

    In order to promote and ensure the authenticity and the quality, the managers have for years established relationships with the best local producers, true artisans of taste, which hand down the delicacy of delicious Sienese's cold cuts and cheeses over time.

  • Osteria il Grattacielo

    Tasting of tuscan products

    The Osteria Il Grattacielo is a historic restaurant in the Siena's centre , its history is documented since 1840, when it was used to serve wines by the glass. The current management, organized in a society composed of only three people, bought the Osteria in 1999, continuing the tradition handed down by generations of different managers, but always remained constant and continuous.

    The current owners were born and raised in Siena, having so a great knowledge of the area and are also local food lovers. The staff is desirous to carry on the history and culture, disseminate and where it is possible retrieve ancient traditions linked to the city as the Palio and the Contrade.

    A simple, deeply evocative and suggestive place, made of simple things, but always with a friendly atmosphere and good food.

  • First fruits and selected ingredients zero km

    The good tuscan food

    At Il Grattacielo, rustic restaurant in Siena centre, it is possible to drink a good glass of Chianti or a local beer, all accompanied by some typical seasonal dishes: Pici (homemade pasta) with Cacio cheese and pepper or with the pork sauce, not forgetting the Panzanelle, the omelettes, the sandwiches or the tripe. The service, always reliable and cordial, proves to be very flexible, with an stated out menu, each time different and with the added possibility to choose some good vegetarian dishes.

    Between a walking tasting and a visit to a museum in the centre of Siena, there is always the time to enjoy some high quality dishes.

    The kitchen strengths are the cold cuts and cheeses, as well as recipes as the Ribollita and soups.

  • The appetizers

    The appetizers

    The restaurant in Siena centre offers platters of cold cuts and cheeses, homemade vegetables preserved in oil with anchovies and herrings and many delicious first fruits of the land, including v flavoured vegetables, and many delicacies zero km.

  • First dishes

    First dishes

    The Pici are fresh pasta without the egg that are tasted with cheese and pepper or with the duck sauce or with sausage and mushrooms sauces.

    Among the most popular seasonings the “bread crumbs” and the garlic sauce.

  • The main vegetarian dishes

    The main vegetarian dishes

    The restaurant in Siena centre also offers a wide selection of vegetarian dishes starting from typical foods such as artichokes of Chiusure, baked beans “all'uccelletto”, Sienese mushrooms or the flan with herbs, but also soups and bruschetta.